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Acoustic Music for kids... and Adults    Producers: Paul Trunko - Ernie Martinez     Date: 2000               Hear Song Clips     Buy Now

Tracks: 1. Jammy Man  2. Good Nap  3. Rock-A-Doos (The Rough House Blues)  4. Thumb In The Thumb  5. Ain't No Bugs On Me  6. Rain, Rain  7. Loopy Doops  8. Lay Down    9. Heart Of My Day  10. America The Beautiful/ This Land Is Your Land  11. Kid

Acoustic music for kids... and Adults

 Cover Illustration: by John Hayes II

   Graphics: Kenn Hayes

Tumbly Tumbler    Producer: Paul Trunko    Date: 2007                                                                               Hear Song Clips   Buy Now

Tracks: 1. Jump Round All The Cactus  2. The Hair Song  3. Squish Party  4. Tumbly Tumbler  5. The Farmer In The Dell  6. Lullaby Op. 49 Brahms  7. William & Meriwether  8. The Great Western Fable 9. Singin' My Songs  10. Pick It Up  11.Turn Off The TV  12. Mother Hen  13. Pictures In My Mind  14. Homecoming


  Artwork and Graphics: Joe Marciniak


Acoustic Music for kids... and Adults
Winner of two Children's Music Web Awards 2000: Best New Artist for Young Children  -  Best New Song for "Thumb In The Thumb"

REVIEW 1: Booklist (American Library Association) June 2000  By: Cindy Lombardo
Jammy Man. Song Trunk Music. 1999. 37min

All ages. A variety of musical styles and acoustic instruments combine in the toe-tapping, foot-stomping recording. Folk, reggae, lullaby, and blues are represented in songs that range from the humorous ("Jammy Man" and "Ain't No Bugs On Me") to traditional ("America The Beautiful" segued into "This Land Is Your Land"). Listen for the harmonica solo in "Rock-A-Doos" and the soothing sounds of the rainstick in "Rain, Rain".

REVIEW 2: Dirty Linen Issue # Aug/Sept ’99  By Dan Willging
Paul Trunko Jammy Man [Song Trunk Music (1998)] 

As adults, we often tend to o overanalyze things. When it comes to children’s music, all the methodical reasoning of what constitutes a good record is meaningless if it doesn’t grab the not-ready-to-vote crowd. Personally, I road tested Jammy Man with my sugar-blooded nephew and nieces. After weeks of continuous listens, it still wears well. Denver’s Paul Trunko and string wizard pal Ernie Martinez approach it all with a folky-bluegrass sensibility that boasts smart songs, pleasant singing, and competent flatpicking on guitar, mandolin, Dobro, and banjo.
      Several tunes, like the conga-crazy “Thumb in the Thumb” that makes getting dressed a game, or the truisms of “Good Nap,” plant carefully seeded messages that sound better than if you said’em. Others extol the virtues of being a kid, like rough-housing (“Rock-A-Doos”) or make-believe (as heard on the infectious title song). There are even a few suitable for lullabies (“Lay Down”), family sing-alongs (“Ain’t No Bugs On Me”), or just plain goofin’ reggae style (“Loopy Doops”). Not only does it appeal on all levels, adults aren’t likely to split the scene while the Jammy Man jams.

REVIEW 3: Pow’r Pickin’, May 1999  By Mike Dow
(Official Publication of the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society)

Paul Trunko, Jammy Man: Acoustic Music For Kids…and Adults, Song Trunk Music. 
One of our reviewers with small children should jump at requesting this CD. Paul Trunko, on the Denver music scene since 1986, including six years with Quickdraw, has gotten Ernie Martinez, Joe Trunko and a number of his Friends to back him on guitar and vocals, allowing him to sing eleven cuts of children lyrics (mostly his own compositions) on this delightful CD. The title tune, “Loopy Doops,” and “Thumb in the Thumb” should be favorites of the little people. Great stuff, Jammyman Paul!

REVIEW 4: School Library Journal - June 2001  By: Maren Ostergard,
Bellevue Regional Library, King County Library System, WA

Jammy Man. 1 cassette or 1 CD. approx. 36 min. SongTrunk Music. 2000, 2001 release. cassette.
PreS-Gr 4-This is a fun collection from Paul Trunko that both children and parents will enjoy. "The Jammy Man" is defender of his room. The authoritative lyrics, "this is my room and I'm the boss, all you bad guys better get lost," will empower young children who may be fearful of bedtime. The dynamic songs detail the everyday life of children and include positive messages that run the gamut from taking a "Good Nap" to a reminiscence of childhood in "Kid." The songs consist of many different styles including folk, bluegrass, blues, reggae and country. They range from lively tunes with catchy rhythms, to songs with slower tempos more appropriate for quiet times. The marching song, "Thumb in the Thumb," takes children through the act of getting dressed. Trunko wrote all the songs, including adaptations of "Ain't No Bugs on Me" and a medley of "America the Beautiful" and "This Land Is Your Land." He states in the liner notes, and it is obvious from listening to the songs, that he was strongly influenced by Not For Kids Only by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. The performers provide pleasing, smooth vocals and are accompanied by dobro, guitar, acoustic bass, banjo, and harmonica. This is an enjoyable collection for the whole family.

Tumbly Tumbler

REVIEW 1: North Denver Tribune
  By Elisa Cohen
Tumbly Tumbler, lively Jammyman sequel; live concert September 24

WEST HIGHLANDS ­ When the kids are born, activities like going out to the clubs to take in soulful blues or live rock and rolls become rare. Parents who crave hearing rich, complex music while at the same time fulfilling their need to entertain their children, should buy the newest CD from Paul Trunko called Tumbly Tumbler. This second CD produced by the North Denver dad is one that will amuse the children and feed the musical soul of parents at the same time. Tumbly Tumbler takes the listener through a smorgasbord of mostly acoustic musical styles. Folk, blues, rock and roll tell the story of kids romping, playing and making messes in the kitchen. These original songs showcase what happens when a musician becomes a parent. Trunko¹s lyrics speak of today¹s fathers ­ engaged and elbow deep in the chaos of parenting. The original songs share the disc with a Brahms lullaby performed on the violin and an a cappella version of the "Farmer in the Dell." Several songs depict the history of the United States and one song dedicated to the Native Americans' loss of land is a soulful blues rendition. The CD will entertain children as voices and sound effects create visual imagery.

Enjoy the free concert to be held at the Farmer¹s Market in the historic carousel pavilion located at 38th and Tennyson on September 24, 10:30 am. CD's will be available for purchase.
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